Volume XIV Number 9
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February 19, 2015/ 30 Shvat 5775
AACI is proud to once again organize a serious of election events around the country to allow you, English speaking citizens of Israel, to hear leading candidates loud and clear in English. AACI branches Jerusalem   Netanya   Haifa   BeerSheva are offering interactive workshops to better understand Israel’s political system:
We encourage our members to be involved and informed. Politics should draw us together and not pull us apart!
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AACI Jerusalem – Art Exhibition: MY WORLD
Sundays – Thursdays, 9:00 – 15:30 til March 27th
Three artists presenting read more
AACI Jerusalem – Jewish Philosophers: The Thought of Eliezer Berkovits
Tuesdays, 12:30
Our text will be God, Man and History (1965), in which Berkovits suggests that harmonizing faith and reason no longer occupies the mind of the modern Jew with Rabbi Avraham Fischer.  read more
AACI Jerusalem - Family music class for children from 4 months to five years old
Mondays at 16:30
Enjoy 45 minutes of music with singing, puppets, percussion instruments and lots of ideas to enrich your child’s musical and English development. read more
AACI Seniors Programs
Enjoy a variety of fun and interested programs for retired active persons: Jerusalem   Haifa   Tel Aviv   Netanya  Beer Sheva
 AACI Jerusalem – Biodanza
Wednesday, til April 1, 12:15–13:15
Biodanza uses a combination of music, movement and expression to help people tap into their innate sense of joy, self esteem and self confidence, creating feelings of connectedness and love.  read more
AACI Jerusalem - Hebrew Literature Course
Tuesdays 10:30 – 12:00, 9 meetings
This course will focus on some of the prominent authors in Hebrew Literature, from the beginning of the 20th century until today.  read more
AACI Central - Spanish Classes
Tuesdays, 11.00 - 12.15
Grammar and conversation will be the focus of this class, conducted by an English/Spanish speaking teacher. Basic Spanish knowledge is necessary! read more
AACI Jerusalem - Living to tell the Tale
Tuesdays, through March 31, 10:30 – 12:00
Join in this interactive exploration into writing life stories. "Living" is a facilitated program in which participants collect the stories of their lives in prose and also through photographs, knick knacks and other visual cues. read more
AACI Jerusalem – Health & Wellness Programs
Join our classes for Tai Chi, Exercise class for 50+,Feldenkrais, Zumba and, Improving your balance.  read more
Winter Programs at El Halev in Jeruslem
AACI members receive a discount when joining one of El Halev's programs. read more
5th Annual Children and Teen Arts Exhibit -
On-line registration now open
An exciting exhibition of children's creative works. This is an opportunity to recognize and encourage all young people to send in their best efforts.
Please note: Programs are listed in date order
AACI Netanya – Dancing Till Dawn
Sunday, February 22, 19:30
Harvey Bordowitz’s Music Lectures are informative and thoroughly enjoyable. In our fourth lecture Harvey will explore the inseparable world of dance and music, stopping along the way for minuets, waltzes plus more. read more
AACI 55+/ - Friendship Circle - Activities for Singles & Couples
Tuesday, February 24
Join us for dinner at Greg’s Café at the Hadar Mall (top floor) then see Sandy Cash perform at the AACI’s Ruby Tuesday concert. Monday afternoon , March 9 – Let’s do lunch at Mulino Dairy Bistro (Kosher),. read more
AACI Jerusalem - Are Smartphones Really Smart?
Tuesday, February 24, 13:30 – 15:00
Learn how to use your Smartphone for your convenience, peace of mind, efficiency and pleasure, you can gain new appreciation for that little gadget tethered to your hand. read more
AACI Haifa - Israeli Elections: The Political Parties and their Platforms
Wednesday February 25,  20:15
Speaker: Mordechai Twersky, a freelance writer, multimedia journalist and producer, whose work has appeared in The New York Times, Haaretz, and the Jerusalem Post. read more
AACI Central - An Introduction to Mastering your Smartphone & Computer
Wednesday, February 25, 14:00
Is your Smartphone confusing you? Is your computer baffling you? Come and join us for a workshop on how to protect and enjoy your smartphones, tablets and computers. read more
AACI Jerusalem – Conquer your Smartphone/Tablet Fears - New
Wednesday, February 25,  13:00 – 14:30
Smartphone/Tablet basics Review basic and general information on how to use your device. read more
AACI Central -Happy Hour - New
Thursday, February 26, 19:30
Meet old and new friends in different venues. This week at Cafe Greg. read more
AACI Netanya – Pearls In Peki'in - New
Monday March 2, 07:50-18:00
Join us for our guided tour of this ancient village in the Western Galil where Christian Arabs, Druze and Jews lived peacefully together for centuries. read more
AACI Netanya – Hasbara Letter Writing Workshop - New
Wednesday, March 4, 10:00
The pen is mightier than the sword! This letter writing workshop which will be led by CAMERA's 2015 Letter Writer of the Year, Alan Stein. read more
AACI Jerusalem - National Zionist Quiz - New
Wednesday, March 4 19:00
The winner of our event will proceed to the next stage of the National Zionist Quiz. read more
AACI Jerusalem – An Evening with the Botanicals Gardens - New
Monday, March 9, 18:30 – 20:00
The Shemitta Experience: Its Economic, Social, and National Messages. This lecture/ presentation will explore these messages. Facilitator: RabbiBinyamin Zimmerman, The Halacha Education Center. read more
AACI Jerusalem – 4th Annual Health Event – A Healthy Brain & Body - New
Wednesday, March 11, 2015
Following our successful run of health events at AACI, we offer another interesting and engaging day health day. read more
AACI Jerusalem - Professional Women's Networking Forum Stop - New
Thursday March 12th (rescheduled from January)12.45– 15:00
Topic:  You opened a business! Congratulations. Now, how do you get clients? read more
AACI-Cohen Library Good News!
The AACI-Cohen Library, Jerusalem is now open to the general public! The Library has thousands of audiobooks on CD, MP3 and tape, as well as large-print books with a wide variety of subject.  Phone Number: 02 560-0912.
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AACI Kosher & Friendly Budapest in Style
May 11 - 15, 2015
A visit to the Pearl of the Danube was never so inspiring.  Explore the majestic synagogue designed by Austrian architect Otto Wagner; ample time has been slotted for critical landmarks of Jewish culture and history including archaeologically-rich neighborhoods that will transport us back in time  and visits to museums that record the Jewish Hungarian presence both pre-and-post Holocaust. Traverse the Castle District and tour Budapest’s most exclusive residential districts.  And, indeed, no tour would be complete without a romantic cruise upon the Danube River! read more
AACI - The Best of Japan
May 11-21, 2015
More than any other country, the Japanese have managed to integrate ancient traditions and leading-edge technology harmoniously into their daily lives, with a perfect mix of new and old.  In this excellent introduction to Japan, you won’t miss anything a first-time visitor to Japan should see. You will enjoy a colorful mix of large cities like Tokyo and Osaka, quaint and traditional Takayama, the historically significant ancient shrines and temples of Kyoto and Nara, the testament to peace of Hiroshima, the natural beauty of Hakone, the thermally-heated valley of Owakudani and much, much more.
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AACI Jerusalem – Navigational Series - Protecting Your Consumer Rights
Wednesday February 25, 2014 16:30
Learn about the existing Israeli consumer protection authorities and their functionality and the conditions. read more
AACI Shira Pransky Health Project
AACI’s Shira Pransky Project has been chosen to be an official non-profit partner of the 2015 Jerusalem Marathon! If you'd like to run with Team Shira, support our runners, or the team in general, please go to www.TeamShira.org or email marathon@shirapranskyproject.org.
AACI’s Shira Pransky Project has recently released important information about Living Wills, dealing with Legal issues in the health care system, Choosing Your Kupah’s “Higher Level” Plans. They have also distributed a short survey to help make healthcare more English accessible on behalf of the consumer advocacy organization Emun Hatzibur.
Attention New Immigrants and Returning Residents
The Ministry of Aliyah and Immigrant Absorption Announces New Assistance for Training Courses in Basic Computer Applications.
The level of assistance for a new immigrant/returning resident is up to a total of NIS 3,750 or up to 80% of the cost of the course, whichever is the lowest figure. read more
Ulpan La-Inyan - Get Speaking Hebrew
New Winter 2014
With a cozy class size and a friendly, top Ulpan teacher, you’ll feel right at home as you embark on your conversational Hebrew-learning journey. read more
The Ness Negev Business Loan Fund
To assist small businesses in the Negev, with the broader aim of creating jobs and accelerating economic activity in Israel's southern region. read more
$70,000 Small Business Loan Program
AACI is pleased to be in partnership with the Koret Foundation’s Israel Economic Development Fund (KIEDF) and to have established a small business loan program for AACI's members. read more
Business Mentoring Project
AACI is pleased to invite established professionals and business people to participate in a project of the Council of Olim Associations to mentor potential olim in their fields of business.  read more
AACI Jerusalem -
Ruby Tuesday

Tuesday, February 24, 20:00
Presenting Sandy Cash, one of Israel’s most popular English-language entertainers.
read more
AACI - Explore the
Adumim Region

Join us as we visit this vibrant community. Including the Moshe Castel Museum of Art, Guided walk at the Martyrius Monastery from the Byzantine era and more
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Planting for tomorrow - New
 “Though a tree grows so high, the falling leaves return to the root.”  Malay proverb
On the heels of AACI’s successful Tu B’Shevat celebration, we remind you that by purchasing JNF trees through AACI (click here to participate), you seed the beautiful AACI Memorial Forest and enable us to hold our Annual Memorial Ceremony, honoring the memory of North Americans and their families who fell in defense of the State of Israel and in through acts of terror.  Because even more than ‘trees,’ it is about ‘roots.’
Running for better health care! - New
Are you a runner?  A walker?  A half-jogger/half-crawler?  Join Team Shira in the Jerusalem Marathon and assist the Shira Pransky Project which helps thousands of English-speakers navigate the Israeli healthcare system. Choose the 10K, the half or whole marathon or sponsor an individual runner or the entire team: www.teamshira.org. For more information, contact Andrea Simantov at asimantov@aaci.org.il.
AACI note cards: because feelings count - New
AACI is offers a wonderful way in which to say Congratulations/Mazal Tov/ So sorry for your loss - or anything else you wish that will convey the feelings of your heart.  The beautiful gift cards are printed on rich cream-colored linen stock and are mailed within 48 hours of receiving the contribution.  The minimum gift for each personalized card is 36 NIS. For further information, please contact Meira Golbert in the Development Department.
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AACI Kosher & Friendly Deluxe Amsterdam & Surrounding Villiages - Last Seats
March 15 - 20, 2015
Peppered with charming lanes and intriguing, hidden corners, Amsterdam is a cultural delight.   Spend two days exploring a quixotic Dutch countryside that includes Zaanse Schans in the north, famous for its magnificent windmills and Delft, south of the city and known for its blue-and-white and tin-glazed pottery.  Must-see visits to The Hague - seat of the Dutch Parliament – and exploration of the Plantage region of the city’s center will offer a broad understanding of life in the Netherlands.  A comprehensive walking tour of the Jewish will touch upon critical milestones of Dutch Jewish history amidst the richly colorful area referred to as Mokum – Yiddish for ‘The Place.’ read more
AACI Study Vacation #151 - Exploring the Golan - New
May 18-21, 2015
If you have not spent much time on the Golan recently, now is the time to take a 'refresher' on what is happening in the here-and-now in this beautiful region. Spending 3 nights at Kibbutz Ortal located in the northern Golan. It is one of the few remaining kibbutzim in the country which has maintained the classic kibbutz lifestyle. read more
AACI Kosher Poland - Registration closing soon
April 27- May 4, 2015
A critical journey that has the power to change one forever.  Seven powerful days that allow us to ‘revisit’ the thousand year-old religious and cultural cradle of European Jewish history and reflect upon that which has evolved into a post-Holocaust historical consciousness. This beautifully constructed tour will focus upon the brief six-year period that resulted in the utter destruction of Polish Jewish life; at the same time, we will explore the unexpected burgeoning Jewish Renaissance movement that has been evolving over the past two decades! read more
AACI Kosher Moscow & St. Petersburg
May 31 - June 11, 2015
Moscow is the economic mega-center for one sixth of the planet in a country that encompasses more than 120 ethnic groups and nationalities. This passionate and vibrant metropolis boasts an eccentric mélange of traditional Russian architecture and post-Soviet quirkiness.   Discordantly-youthful while steeped in history, Moscow is a study in culture-clash and tradition.
One of the world’s most beautiful cities, St. Petersburg has it all including art, striking architecture and exciting nightlife; this is in addition to the robust history and rich cultural traditions that have inspired much of world’s greatest literature, music, and visual art. Romance abounds in this magical city of White Nights, opera, ballet and cutting-edge adventure.   St. Petersburg charms and entices everybody. read more 
AACI's Kosher Greek Islands Extravaganza 7 Night Cruise - New
June 7-14, 2015
Historical Athens, the capital and largest city of Greece. Stunning Volos, Captivating Mykonos with her alluring blue sea and hypnotic white buildings. Santorini with picturesque villages and beautiful beaches. read more
AACI Jewish Piedmont and Milan Expo - New
June 17 - 24 2015
Piedmont's regal cities and charming villages offer the culturally inclined visitor unending visual delights as well as a window into the region’s rich Jewish history. Delight in Turin, the former capital of Italy. Visit breathtaking synagogues in villages of Piedmont including Casale Monferrato, Racconigi and Saluzzo,that tell a tale of the importance of the Jewish community of the region. Plus a visit to the Milan Expo. read more
AACI Kosher Verona Opera Festival - New
August 10-18, 2015
Verona, besides setting the scene for Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, is also home to the "Arena di Verona" where you will enjoy three world famous operas:  Aida, Don Giovanni, and Nabucco performed in the magnificent ancient Roman Amphitheatre. Enjoy Shabbat in Trieste & a full day visit of Venice. read more
AACI Jewish Heritage tour of Central Europe/Slovakia - New
August 31 – September 06 2015
General cultural touring will be woven into the Jewish touring, bringing the rich culture of this beautiful region to life. In Bratislava, visit the synagogue, as well as museums and other Jewish cultural sites including the grave of the great Chatam Sofer and the holocaust memorial site. Explore the Bratislava Castle perched on a scenic hilltop with views of the Danube and the old city. read more
AACI's Highlights of the 14 Night Mediterranean Cruise - New
October 06-20, 2015
Seven AmazingPorts of Call-Chania, Tuscany, Rome, Naples, Sicily & Agios Nikolaos
Scholar-in-resident, Rabbi Dr. Aharon Adler. Escorted by Executive Director David London, you will enjoy the company of a warm and diverse English-speaking group from Israel and around and the world with days at sea where you can relax with new and old friends. read more
AACI China Experience: Beijing, Xian & Shanghai - New
October 19-29, 2015
In Beijing, try to absorb the enormity of Tiananmen Square, the largest in the world, before exploring the Forbidden City. Ride a rickshaw through the neighborhood maze of old Hutongs. Climb the Great Wall of China and see the Olympic sites. Fly to Xian where ancient history comes alive. We then fly on to Shanghai to discover the old town, stroll along the grand colonial waterfront promenade, the Bund and the Jewish Quarter. read more
AACI China In-depth: Hong Kong, Guilin, Shanghai, Xian, Beijing - New
October 25-November 08, 2015
China’s textured and ancient history seamlessly melds into a fascinating, modern country, brimming with breathtaking sights.  This in depth tour will open up this vast and wondrous country to the traveler-and will leave no stone unturned. read more
AACI - Discover Jewish Prague - 4 days of touring - New
November 15-19,  2015
The City of a Thousand Spires has seen it all. Centuries of Bohemian kings, classical composers, invading Nazis, Soviet tanks and Velvet Revolutionaries have passed over Prague's cobblestones; the spires survived it all, creating one of Europe's most romantic and beautiful skylines. read more
AACI goals are to support the successful klitah (absorption) of new olim while providing a variety of social and professional programs that enhance the lives of Israel's English speaking community.  The AACI Travel Experience generates much needed income for our programs. We hope you feel pride in knowing a small portion of your travel fare goes to be used for a wonderful purpose.
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Broadband Policy Reform Lowers Internet Prices - New
Israelis can now connect to the Internet in one step, rather than dealing with infrastructure and Internet Service Providers separately. read more
Education Ministry: Parents can enroll children aged 3 in private preschools next year - New
Ministry backtracks on earlier policy regarding private preschools, making decision following protests by parents. read more
BGU establishes scholarship fund in memory of fallen lone soldier Max Steinberg - New
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) announced on Sunday the establishment of a scholarship endowment fund in the name of fallen lone soldier Max Steinberg. read more

Jonathan Pollard - 10682 Days in Prison
AACI has been empowered by its membership to assist in the efforts on behalf of Jonathan Pollard to be released from prison. Please check the following website: ‘Justice for Jonathan Pollard’.
AACI continues to pray for the good health, the safe and speedy return of our missing MIA's: Ron ben Batya Arad, Zachary ben Miriam Baumel, Yehuda ben Sarah Katz, Zvi ben Penina Feldman, and Guy ben Rina Chever.

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