Volume XIII Number 24
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August 28, 2014/ 2 Elul 5774
AACI Rome with a Jewish Flavor
A city of staggering beauty that takes your breath away
November 9-12, 2014
Rome wasn’t built in a day, but you can expect Italy’s most popular destination to charm you in one. Rome is a fascinating fusion of old and new, from the lost empires and historical places to its modern treasures and mouth-watering Italian cuisine. The staggering range of landmarks in Rome and glories of Renaissance architecture make it one of the most visited cities in the world. Join us for this Kosher four day not to be missed getaway. read more.
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AACI Sukkot Walking Tours
October 6 through October 17, 2014  
Do something fun with the entire family this Sukkot.  read more
U.S. Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act – FATCAe - Important update
New IRS rules for non-willful taxpayers. On June 18, 2014, the IRS announced the release of updates to its Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program (OVDI). This voluntary disclosure agreement allows US citizens who have never filed or who have not filed in a long period of time to come forward and report their income and account information for the previous three years (generally U.S. tax years 2011-2013). The tax returns, along with a statement explaining that their failure to disclose information to the IRS was non-willful and not for the purpose of tax evasion, will in most cases prevent potential fines for non-reporting of tax and foreign bank account information to the IRS.  read more
AACI Jerusalem – Jewish Philosopher: The Thought of Eliezer Berkovits
Tuesdays, 12:30
Our text will be God, Man and History (1965), in which Berkovits suggests that harmonizing faith and reason no longer occupies the mind of the modern Jew with Rabbi Avraham Fischer.  read more
AACI Jerusalem – Health & Wellness Programs
Join our classes for Tai Chi, Exercise class for 50+, Feldenkrais and, Improving your balance. read more
AACI Seniors Programs
Enjoy a variety of fun and interested programs for retired active persons: Jerusalem   Haifa   Tel Aviv   Netanya  Beer Sheva
AACI Jerusalem's 2014-2015 Opera Package - New
Registration is now available to see an array of operas such as ‘The Barber of Seville’, ‘La Rondina’, ‘The Elixir of Love’, ‘Nabucco’ and ‘The Czar’s Bride’. read more
Summer Programs at El Halev in Jeruslem
AACI members receive a discount when joining one of El Halev’s programs this summer. read more
AACI Jerusalem - Jack Cohen – Manifestations
On display until September 10, 09-16:00
Portraits * Landscapes * science * Mythical Creatures.
There is still time to view "Manifestations", the impressive exhibit of paintings by artist Jack Cohen.  Don't miss it!!  For a guided tour with explanations by the artist please write to aaciart@gmail.com 
Public Notice: Used Batteries & Stamps
If you wish to unload used stamps and batteries, you may drop them off at AACI Jerusalem Branch between 09:00 and 15:00 Sun-Thurs. Click here for address & directions
Please note: Programs are listed in date order
AACI's J-Town Playhouse proudly presents "A Little Night Music"
Performances from September 2 to September 18, 2014
Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim Winner of 6 Tony Awards including best musical, this heart-warming show will certainly fill your summer nights with a sense of romance. read more
AACI Jerusalem - Anyone Can Draw & Paint!
Tuesday mornings, Sept. 2 - Oct. 7, 10:00 to 12:00  (6 classes)
Learn techniques for drawing and painting in a lively basic course with Marcia Lewison. read more
AACI Jerusalem – Zumba
Thursdays, September 4, 11 & 18 at 10:00
Zumba® Fitness is a feel-happy workout that combines a motivating fusion of Latin and international music with unique moves and dynamic combinations that allow participants to dance away their worries. read more
AACI Central – "Happy Hour"
Thursday, September 4, 19:30
Meet old and new friends. read more
AACI Jerusalem - Family music class for children from 4 months to five years old - New
Classes beginning Monday, September 8 15:30 & 16:30
Enjoy 45 minutes of music with singing, puppets, percussion instruments and lots of ideas to enrich your child’s musical and English development. read more
AACI Netanya - Zippy Porath: I Was There - New
Monday September 8, 20:00
Zipporah Porath was a young, idealistic American Jew when she came to Jerusalem for a year's study in 1947. But she lived a lifetime in a year as she experienced and took part in the War of Independence. read more
AACI Central & the Financial Resource Network Seminars
Dealing with critical Investment related issues here and abroad. Program begins at 19:00
Monday, Sept.8 – Wealth & Management   Tuesday, Sept 9 – Israel Real Estate plus  
Wednesday, Sept 10 – How to manage Personal Wealth etc.. read more
AACI Netanya – Tiyul: Neighbors - New
Tuesday, September 9, 08:50 – 18:00
Join Gabriella Licsko as we visit Bnei Brak, Petach Tikva and Givat Shmuel. Discover the world of hundreds of Chassidic courts, Litvish and Sephardic groups with all their history. read more
AACI Jerusalem - Have You Had Enough of FATCA? - New
Wednesday, September 10, 16:30
The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) finally came into force on 1 July 2014.
Hear the latest tax news as well as some valuable investment ideas still available to US non-residents. Come with your questions and get them answered from the experts. read more
AACI Jerusalem - Why is the Book (almost) Always Better?
Wednesday, September 10, 13:00–14:30
Using role play techniques, hand-outs of screenplays and DVD clips, participants will gain an appreciation of Novel and Screenplay Writing including plot and character development, dialog, conflict and finding the inner story. read more
AACI 55+/ - Friendship Circle - Activities for Singles & Couples - New
Thursday evening, September 11
Meet for dinner at Avazi Restaurant,14 Yad Charutzim, Jerusalem. Afterwards  join us for the highly acclaimed Broadway musical “A  Little Night Music" read more
AACI Jerusalem - Professional Women's Network Meeting
Thursday September 11, 12:45-15:00
How can your smartphone & technical devices help you work and play smarter?
Come and learn about how and why you should be using a smartphone in your business. It's not just about staying in touch anymore. read more
AACI Central - Tour the Magic Sparkles of Michal Negrin's World! - New
Tuesday, September 11, 10:00
Join AACI as we tour the magic sparkles of Michal Negrin's World. Ms. Negrin is the creator of exclusive and unique jewelry,  fashion and home decor items. read more
AACI Central - The Basics of Israel's Insurance World - New
Tuesday, September 16, 15:30
Does the insurance agent work for us, or for the insurance companies? What legal difference does it make? read more
AACI Jerusalem - STAR Film Club - New
Wednesday, September 17, 19:00
‘The Dictator’ with Charlie Chaplin. The movie will be precedd by an introduction by long-time film buff Gary Levine.
read more
AACI Jerusalem -Special Day Outings - Volunteer, Lunch & Tour
Outing One: Rehovot & Area, Thursday 12th September
Outing Two: Nahalal,  Thursday 19th September. read more
AACI Netanya - High Holidays Music - New
Sunday, September 14, 20:00
Harvey Green will discuss and play music of the High Holidays which has echoed down through the ages from cantors of old to modern times. read more
AACI Jerusalem - If You Are….
*A New Immigrant Who Has Made Aliyah Since 2010   *An Artist With Work To Exhibit
If you are interested in participating in a show of art by new olim in November 2014 please write to aaciart@Gmail.Com  and include a brief cv and several digital photos of your work!
AACI Emergency Handbook
This important AACI resource which is available for free download for the English-speaking community will guide you through important and useful information for all emergency situations. Download here
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The Student Authority Celebrates 50 Years of Accomplishments! -New
Tuesday September 9, 18:00-20:00
HaMinhal LeStudentim Olim of the Ministry of Aliyah & Immigrant Absorption invites graduates of the Minhal to a jubilee celebration, taking place at Heichal HaTarbut in Tel Aviv, in the presence of the Minister of Aliyah & Absorption MK Sofa Landver. read more
AACI Jerusalem Navigational Series: - Banking Systems in Israel -New
Wednesday, September 17, 16:30
What are the different types of banking systems and how do they each work? read more
AACI Shira Paransky Health Project - New
We have begun collecting used glasses in collaboration with RE-SPECS Frames for the Needy. Please drop off your old glasses at AACI Jerusalem Branch between 09:00 and 15:00 Sun-Thurs. Click here for address & directions
Ulpan La-Inyan - Get Speaking Hebrew
New Autumn 2014
With a cozy class size and a friendly, top Ulpan teacher, you’ll feel right at home as you embark on your conversational Hebrew-learning journey. read more
AACI Netanya – Scholarship Funds -New
Last year nine scholarships totaling NIS 19,800 were awarded to students who are children or grandchildren of AACI members. The Bessie Render Fund gave NIS 6500 to local community centers to help subsidize the cost of summer camps for needy children. read more
The AACI Robert & Debbie Zober Loan Fund
Thanks to the generosity of Dr. Max and Gianna Glassman, AACI is pleased to announce the creation of a new interest-free loan fund for the purpose of assisting English-speaking immigrants find work in Israel by helping them retrain or to fund other work-related expenses. read more
The Ness Negev Business Loan Fund
To assist small businesses in the Negev, with the broader aim of creating jobs and accelerating economic activity in Israel's southern region. read more
$70,000 Small Business Loan Program
AACI is pleased to be in partnership with the Koret Foundation’s Israel Economic Development Fund (KIEDF) and to have established a small business loan program for AACI's members. read more
Business Mentoring Project
AACI is pleased to invite established professionals and business people to participate in a project of the Council of Olim Associations to mentor potential olim in their fields of business.  read more
AACI Annual Memorial Ceremony

Save the date
Tuesday, September 3 0, 2014 - ו' תשרי תשע"ד
The Ceremony is held each year to honor the memory of those North Americans, or AACI members, and members of their immediate families who have fallen while in service to the State of Israel or as victims of terror. 
The featured speaker at the ceremony will be MK Rabbi Dov LipmanTo our great sadness, the following people will be remembered and their names added to the more than 320 names already inscribed on the Memorial Plaques:
*Nissim Sean Carmeli  *David Menahem Gordon 
*Naftali Fraenkel  *Oren Simcha Noach 
*Max Steinberg  יהי זכרם ברוך   

read more
AACI Kosher Adriatic Cruise -
Venice, Dubrovnik, Kotor, Chania,
Corfu & Agios Nikolaos

October 19-31, 2014 / Scholar-in-residence
Rabbi Shlomo Riskin

Touring Venice with her romantic canals and Gothic-Renaissance architecture.
Kotor - Montenegro's most stunning bay and best preserved medieval town.
Dubrovnik - the 'Pearl of the Adriatic’ with her enduring strength and beauty.
Mythological Greece
, visiting the breathtaking islands of Corfu, Chania and Agios
. Our captivating land tours with rich Jewish history are combined with stimulating and varied lectures by our scholar.
All inclusive. Cabins selling fast
read more
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Trauma Workshops - Let The Healing Begin
Under the purview of the Shira Pransky Health Project, AACI recently conducted a trauma workshop in Beersheva which unequivocally convinced us that duplicate programs are urgently needed throughout the country.  The elevated level of stress for those who have moved to Israel but lack a built-in, English language support system cannot be overstated.  Working as fast as we can, the locations for each respective trauma workshop will be widely announced; additional information will be forthcoming. read more
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AACI's Kosher Tour of France -In the Footsteps of the French Impressionist
September 2-10, 2014
If you love Impressionist Art, this trip is for you! Registration closing NOW
Scholar in residence Margo Stroumsa-Uzan. Academic Advisor of: Judaism and the Arts at Bar Ilan University & Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies. Far more Impressionist paintings can be seen in the region covered by this tour than in any other territory of comparable size. Our AACI tour visits some key sites that are offered for the first time to our Kosher consumers. For more information. read more
AACI Study Vacation #149 - Roaming the Jerusalem Hills
September 8-11, 2014
Our September Study Vacation will focus on the history found in the nearby Hills surrounding the city of Jerusalem with guide: Mina Glatzer. read more
AACI Netanya – Day trip; Hidden Gems in Tel Aviv - New
Wednesday, October 22, 08:45-15:15
Enjoy a day experiencing the wonders of Tel Aviv from the Museum of jewish Yemenite Are and Culture to the Artists Quarter of Jaffa, and the beauty of Rothschild Boulevard. read more
AACI Kosher China - Only two places remaining
October 26 – November 6, 2014
China, whose textured and ancient history seamlessly melds into a fascinating, modern country, brimming with breathtaking sights.  Our kosher and friendly group will explore the major cities of Beijing, Shanghai and Xian.  Featuring the Great Wall of China,  the Terracotta Warriors, the Golden Mask Performance, the Ming dynasty, a rickshaw ride  the stalls of the famous Pearl Market, and so much more
AACI Moroccan Kosher Tour with a Jewish Flavor
November 16-26, 2014

Experience the exotic and little-known Kingdom of Morocco. Populated by the fierce and indigenous Berbers and conquered by the Arabs 1300 years ago, Morocco is the bridge between Europe and Africa, the gate to Black Africa, a country where Jews and Muslims have flourished side by side for over 1,000 years. read more
AACI Netanya & National Kosher & Friendly Tiyulim/ Shabbat Galil Golan Experience
Thursday to Sunday, November 7-30, 2014

Join our unique adventure that combines three nights and a beautiful Shabbat at the charming Kibbutz & Resort Hotel Hagoshrim with three days of guided touring over Thanksgiving Weekend. read more
AACI Netanya – Day trip to The Weizmann Institute - New
Monday, December 8, 08:45-17:30
Visit the levinson Visitors Center of the Weizmann Institue of Science and glimpse into the wonders of the unique multi-media and interactive exhibits. read more
AACI goals are to support the successful klitah (absorption) of new olim while providing a variety of social and professional programs that enhance the lives of Israel's English speaking community.  The AACI Travel Experience generates much needed income for our programs. We hope you feel pride in knowing a small portion of your travel fare goes to be used for a wonderful purpose.
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Medical care for rocket displaced - New
All residents of communities near the Gaza Strip who have not returned to their homes are entitled to get health care from health funds and hospitals in all parts of the country. read more
Dealing with terror through taking back control - New
The overriding symptom of stress and trauma during these times is a strong feeling of a lack of control. read more
Bank of Israel Cuts Interest Rate to Record 0.25% Low Amid Gaza Conflict - New
The Bank of Israel said it would cut the benchmark rate for September by 25 basis points to 0.25%, citing slower inflation and sluggish global growth. read more
Home prices climb even as fewer people are buying - New
Figures for latest quarter show an average 1.6% increase despite gov’t efforts to reduce housing prices. read more
Jonathan Pollard - 10507 Days in Prison
AACI has been empowered by its membership to assist in the efforts on behalf of Jonathan Pollard to be released from prison. Please check the following website: ‘Justice for Jonathan Pollard’.
AACI continues to pray for the good health, the safe and speedy return of our missing MIA's: Ron ben Batya Arad, Zachary ben Miriam Baumel, Yehuda ben Sarah Katz, Zvi ben Penina Feldman, and Guy ben Rina Chever.

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